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Instant Health and Energy capsule for men

Instamaxx capsule is a dietary health supplement taken once or twice daily after meals for the promotion and maintenance of general health.

Instamaxx capsule offers a simple ONE capsule solution to those seeking a genuine way to naturally improve their health. Instamaxx increases energy, vitality and vigor thereby drastically changing YOUR ability to live life to the fullest. Instamaxx capsule is in a class of its own when compared to other male health supplements. Consuming Instamaxx capsule daily will help reduce fatigue and increase your energy and zest for life!

Instamaxx capsule is safe, pure and effective!

MANY users have reported that they experience significant increase in their energy levels allowing them to lead a very active life.

  • Instamaxx capsule renews energy for life, making you feel great!
  • Instamaxx capsule has long-term health benefits!
  • Instamaxx capsule has no known side-effects and contraindications!
  • Instamaxx capsule can be used safely even when taken with alcohol!

Instamaxx is guaranteed to increase your energy and vitality
immediately restoring your zest for life!

Instamaxx capsule is safe,
pure and effective!

With increased energy and stamina for an active lifestyle
– you’ll find that life with Instamaxx is extra fulfilling..
The herbal ingredients used in Instamaxx capsule works
amazingly fast as it contains highly potent powered extracts
and not grounded or “chipped” herbs.

Consuming Instamaxx capsule will help increase metabolism
and many users have reported tremendous success in restoring
vigor and increasing energy to make you feel more “MANLY.”


Instamaxx works in less than 1 hour!

Of course, some male enhancement formulas need time to take effect – if they take effect at all. Not Instamaxx. Not next month. Not next week. Not even tomorrow. In less than 1 hour, you’ll know exactly what Instamaxx can do for you. In less than 1 hour, you can start enjoying your sex life again.

Our Customers recommend Instamaxx!

Don’t believe us, believe our customers. They’re the ones who report the results. Longer-lasting, bigger-than-ever erections, stronger ejaculations, multiple orgasms. Making you feel very, very male. Many customers report that they experience amazingly fast and natural arousal and heighten response to stimulation giving them real staying power and stamina for extended sexual performance. Almost all customers reported an immediate and significant increase in sex drive and libido.

Real Benefits To Your Sex Life – And Your Health.

Instamaxx provides benefits for your sex life and your health that go way beyond what brand name drugs and other herbal supplements can do for you. Apart from Instamaxx, you’d need a combination of 2 or 3 other products – taken all together, all at once – to achieve the same results:

Your erections will be stronger, thicker and harder because Instamaxx maximizes the blood flow to your penis; you’ll have harder hard-ons for real penetration during intercourse.
Your erections will remain rock-hard and ready for much longer than usual – often after your first ejaculation – and sometimes even all night.
You’ll respond quickly and easily to stimulation; when aroused, you’ll be there, ready, willing, able and focused.
Your energy level will increase, allowing for extended performance. You’ll feel this effect during sports, too.
Your orgasms will be stronger and much more satisfying. The volume of your seminal emissions will increase, giving you more satisfaction when you ejaculate.
Your sex drive will return and your body’s natural testosterone levels will increase, making you feel very, very male.


All from one or two capsules of Instamaxx. Amazing? Not really… Instamaxx harnesses the natural power of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) and other traditional herbs, known for their effectiveness and proven to work over hundreds of years of use. Then Instamaxx is manufactured according to stringent quality standards to ensure that it remains safe. Instamaxx is constantly tested, in labs around the world to maintain it’s safety.

What Should You Know About Instamaxx?

It’s safe. We have both the testing and consumer evidence to prove that Instamaxx
has few side-effects and is manufactured according to international standards.
Here’s the short list:

  • Improvements in blood and oxygen flow can cause mild headaches in a small percentage of users.
  • These effects disappear with continued use.
  • An overdose of Instamaxx can cause vomiting and since Instamaxx increases testosterone,
    an overdose can cause irritability or lower anger or aggression thresholds.
  • Instamaxx should not be used by pregnant women.
  • Use of alcohol or some other drugs may reduce Instamaxx’ effectiveness. If you’re currently taking any
    drug or medication, always check with your doctor before taking any new medication or product.
  • Instead of long-term side-effects, Instamaxx has long-term benefits for you, your sex life and your body.
  • You shouldn’t use Instamaxx or other enhancement products when you’re also taking products or
    medication that include nitrates, like amylnitrate, butylnitrate or “poppers”. However, anyone undergoing
    treatment for any medical condition should consult their doctor before taking any new type of drug or
    supplement. Some drugs, especially those associated with high-blood pressure treatment, may diminish
    the effectiveness of Instamaxx.

Our Best Review

Instamax increases sexual energy and rock hard erections

Instamaxx is an herbal supplement. Consequently, statements about Instamaxx and it’s effects and results have not been evaluated by the FDA and are for educational purposes only. Instamaxx is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or condition. Instamaxx should not be taken in conjunction with any product containing nitrates, such as amylnitrate, butylnitrate or “poppers”.

Instamaxx is manufactured in a GMP manufacturing facility.