Are You Dying For A Hard-On?

VIAGRA – and its new siblings, Levitra, Cialis, etc. – are among the most successful drugs in history. They’re used to treat men who have problems getting or keeping an erection until they are able to ejaculate and have an orgasm.

What VIAGRA does is to slow down the blood flow away from the penis so that a satisfactory erection can be maintained during sex; the penis then softens in the normal way after the guy has ejaculated. It works really well in about 70% of cases where guys have problems with erections.

VIAGRA isn’t an aphrodisiac – it can’t make you feel randy, and it won’t improve your performance! It just gives you a stiffer stiffy so you can do what needs to be done.

Join the club

Most men have problems getting or maintaining an erection from time to time; unfortunately this also becomes more common as we get older.

Temporary or short-term problems with the strength, length and duration of your hard-ons can be caused by stress, fatigue, alcohol or other drug use, relationship problems, etc. Most of these problems will fix themselves naturally and your sex drive and performance will return to normal.

On a more serious note, underlying problems like undiagnosed diabetes or circulatory problems can cause erectile dysfunction. Men who find that they have issues around getting a stiffy consistently should discuss this with their doctor. YES… this can be really embarrassing, who wants to discuss the most intimate details of their life with a relative stranger? BUT… it can lead to the discovery of an illness, which is causing the problem.

Help yourself to viagra? Be warned…

Many guys with temporary (or more long-lasting) erectile problems are bypassing proper medical consultation and buying VIAGRA (or its new siblings like Levitra and Cialis) as a street drug (usually given the street name of “POKE”). This solves the immediate symptoms, but doesn’t address the cause, and can lead to problems later.

Reports on the street suggest that some guys are crushing the tablets and snorting them. This may get some of the drug into the blood stream slightly faster, but it does leave the risk of all of the other chemicals which are used to make the tablet being left in the lungs, with long-term health risks. We also don’t know about all of the possible side effects of using VIAGRA with other unprescribed drugs.

VIAGRA is a powerful chemical, which affects blood pressure. POPPERS (amyl nitrate) are also popular with many men and they also affect blood pressure and taking both drugs together can cause heart failure, which can lead to serious illness or death! VIAGRA doesn’t leave the body immediately, so you’re going to have to wait at least six hours before risking using poppers again. Before doctors issue VIAGRA, they look to see that the man isn’t being prescribed (or taking without prescription) any other drugs which contain nitrates and some other drugs like erythromycin, which also shouldn’t be taken with VIAGRA.

Doctors can also give important advice to men with hypertension and heart conditions, men who have had a stroke, guys with bleeding disorders, liver problems or peptic ulcers. Men with any serious or chronic illness need to talk to their doctor before they take the drug!

Final words

Remember VIAGRA can give you an erection if you are having problems in getting, or keeping, one. It won’t turn you into a love god!

If you think you need VIAGRA, go to your doctor and talk about it…be aware that there are real dangers in buying it on the open market and taking it without prescription. Or try a natural alternative, like Tongkat Ali Plus – yes, available at Senjakala – that won’t bring with it all the side effects and dangers of VIAGRA or its other chemical relatives.

When you take any sex-enhancing drug – herbal or chemical – you also need to remember all of the SAFE SEX messages. These substances can allow you to have sex that you might not have been up for before taking them – cause you were too pissed, or too out of it or just not up to it. These are risky times, you ‘forget’ to negotiate the sex you’re going to have, condoms are put on wrong and are much more likely to split or come off when you’re out of it!